Unaccompanied Minor Escort

G2 secure staff - Irving
new offer (23/07/2021)

job description

Meet unaccompanied minors for inbound and outbound flight to provide escort and special services as direct by client.PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES:
* Provide escort and special services for unaccompanied minors as requested.* Provide general information and directions to passengers* Meet inbound and outbound flights as requested* Always be aware of the departure time of the Unaccompanied Minor.* Never, Never, Never leave an unaccompanied Minor unattended or out of sight.* Always release the unaccompanied Minor to gate agent or client representative.* Always make sure the unaccompanied Minor's documentation is in order.* Always check the ID of the person claiming to be the party listed on the Minor's paperwork.* Complete appropriate documentation.* Must be familiar with all FAA/Airline/Company regulations.* Comply with all safety requirements to include only using equipment that you have been trained on, immediately reporting unsafe conditions and workplace injuries, wearing proper PPE, and attending required safety training.Keep supervisor informed of needs and problems in assigned areas, maintain cleanliness of immediate work area and report maintenance needs

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Unaccompanied Minor Escort

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