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*InTulsa is partnering with TLI Oklahoma a to find candidates for this exciting role in Tulsa*

Tulsa, OK. This is an Hybrid position for those already in Tulsa, OK or willing to relocate to Tulsa, OK**

About the Position:

The Teaching &
Leading Initiative (TLI) is seeking an experienced coach to train and support school leaders and their teachers in the Tulsa metro area. Applicants should have strong teacher coaching skills and an excellent instructional eye.
The school leader coach works directly with school-based leaders to build instructional leadership capacity through instructional best practices, instructional leadership, and high-quality curriculum planning. School Leader Coaches can expect to train school leaders on how to coach teachers, analyze curriculum and support implementation, and work closely with TLI colleagues to support school growth and change.
This position reports directly to the TLI Director. This position is partly school-based, partly virtual, and occasionally in the office.
About the Teaching and Leading Initiative:

The Teaching &
Leading Initiative is aprogram of the Oklahoma Public School Resource Center (OPSRC).
What We Believe:

  • Adults can grow:
    Just like we believe in the potential of all students, we fiercely believe in the potential for growth for the adults who work with kids every day.
  • Students are at the center:
    Our work is student-centered. We focus on the impact that our work has on students, their families, and communities. We prioritize decisions and practices that lead to student growth and well-being.
  • Coaching at the core:
    We are unapologetically committed to coaching to nimbly respond to the need of stakeholders and as the mechanism for accelerated improvement. Every coaching conversation and PD includes practice.
  • Raise the bar:
    We commit to high quality work both internally and with our stakeholders.We plan thoroughly and commit to giving and seeking out feedback.
  • Sustainable change:
    We're committed to finding realistic solutions to tough problems.


  • Work closely with supervisor, school, and district leaders to create a comprehensive teacher and leader development strategy
  • Conduct weekly coaching cycles with assigned school leaders including comprehensive preparation
  • Weekly coaching meetings may include co-observations, classroom analysis, planning for teacher coaching conversations, observing coaching conversations, walkthroughs, or planning targeted PD
  • Work closely with curricula in order to inform classroom observation, help leaders identify trends and highest leverage areas for support, analyze rigor issues, and support implementation
  • Problem solve and creatively approach teacher and leader development including efficient scheduling and support around the school leader's top priorities
  • Design, refine, facilitate, and support high-quality PD
  • Communicate regularly with school and district staff
  • Collaborate with TLI colleagues and supervisor to offer the most effective school-level support possible, build your own skills, and support colleagues on projects at other schools
  • Collect and analyze data and evidence
  • Submit written reflections and reports for grant funding
  • Occasionally engage in promotional activities such as fundraisers, social media, and education events
  • Candidate Profile and Experience Prerequisites


  • Ability to gather evidence during observations including taking detailed low-inference notes
  • Ability to identify many potential action areas after an observation, select the highest-leverage action area, and narrow to a single action item that is narrow, measurable, and observable
  • Ability to comprehensively plan coaching meetings and execute from the plan
  • Fluency with Teach Like a Champion strategies
  • Ability to analyze curriculum in order to:
  • Inform teacher action items
  • Develop a school leader's instructional eye with a specific curriculum
  • Identify most impactful areas for teacher development
  • Plan and execute curriculum-specific teacher or leader PD
  • Ability to design, give feedback on, and facilitate professional development
  • Strong organizational skills to schedule observations and coaching meetings with teachers and school leaders and adapt to school-level changes
  • Ability to build relationships and give straight-forward feedback
  • Ability and desire to work closely with a TLI supervisor/coach and colleagues to receive and implement feedback
  • Comfort with Google suite

Approach to Work

  • Has a deep commitment to students
  • Thoroughly prepares for coaching, observations, and other responsibilities
  • Enthusiastically gives and receives feedback
  • Deep commitment to educational equity
  • Uses quantitative and qualitative data to make instructional decisions
  • Problem solves around school-specific challenges (i.E.:
    scheduling conflicts, multiple areas of needed support, or urgent need to grow teacher skills in specific areas)
  • Has a 'do what it takes' attitude around working within the parameters of a school or district setting
  • Open and committed to earning trust, proving worth, and operating without positional power


  • Previous experience leading adults required
  • Previous experience teacher coaching required
  • Experience leading instructional change through coaching and professional development
  • Experience working with teachers and leaders in professional development settings
  • Experience managing adult performance
  • Bachelor's degree required;
    Master's degree preferred
  • School leadership/administrative experience highly preferred

Benefits and Salary
School Leader Coach salaries are competitive in the marketplace.
Anti-Discrimination Policy and Commitment to Diversity
The Teaching and Leading Initiative seeks individuals of all ethnic and racial backgrounds. We are committed to maximizing the diversity of our organization, as we want to engage all those who can contribute to this effort.

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