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## Lockwood Hills, an Akima Company, provides critical mission support services for federalcivilian and military operations\. With four areas of proven expertise, LockwoodHills can conquer the operational challenges of any federal mission from remoteinstallations stateside to secure locations overseas\. **Our workincludes safeguarding vital installations and personnel, maintaining andmodifying aircraft, keeping operations on track with integrated logistics, anddriving business with records management and administrative support services\ .** Our personnel enjoy competitive benefits packages andchallenging roles in work environments committed to safety, diversity andopportunity for career growth\. As an Alaska Native Corporation\ (ANC\), 100% ofour company's profits go back to our 14,300 Iñupiat shareholders that haveresided near and above the Arctic Circle for more than 10,000 years\. Ourbusiness helps support their way of life and contributes to the survival of aculture that has thrived in a challenging environment\ .

**Description of Task:

+ Constructs, installs, repairs, and modifies wood and wood substitute structures and items requiring close tolerance fit and structural soundness\ .

+ Constructs andrepairs a wide variety of structural items such as, building frames, rafters, concrete forms, walls, staircases, door and window frames, and interior and exterior trim\ .

+ Sets up and operates a wide variety of wood working machines and tools, such as, routers, band and scroll saws, and drill presses\ .

+ Produces finished products with precise fits, accurate dimensions, and acceptable appearance\ .

+ Assembles items with a variety of joining techniques to include, miters, rabbets, dados, biscuit, and mortise and tenon, and may also use glues and adhesives to secure wood pieces and veneers\ .

+ Uses wood, metal, and various composite materials when installing or replacing interior partitions, flooring, panels, suspended ceilings\ .Interprets complex instructions, sketches, blueprints, and building codes;
and measures and layouts footings for structural foundations and constructs concrete forms and related structures\ .

+ Interprets drawings, blueprints, and specifications independently, and determines the layout and work sequences and types of lumber or special related materials\ .

+ Plans and carries out projects from initial layout to completion\. Accuracy, spacing, fit, andstructural soundness and finished appearance are essential\ .

+ As required, mills heavy lumber, cuts bevels, rabbets, chamfers, grooves, and compound miter joints, and applies plastic laminates to wood and other surfaces, e\ .G\., counter tops, desk tops, etc\ .

+ May also construct secondary items which do not require close tolerance fit such as, workbenches, counter tops, bookcases, equipment cabinets, computer consoles, and items requiring limited decorative trim and molding\ .

+ Applies coverings such as Formica and linoleum with proper adhesives to counter and tabletops\. Pre\-cuts thin transparent thermoplastics flat stock to work order dimensions\ .

+ Works with a large variety of hardwoods, softwoods, plywood, veneers, wood substitutes, gluing and bonding agents\ .

+ Develops curved, contoured and shaped surfaces and features\ .

+ Installs door and window sashes\ .

+ Trims, mortises, drills and prepares items for attachment of hardware\ .

+ Applies caulking, compound or other filler material around door and window casings and at other points where tight seal is required\ .

+ Files, gums, sets, joins, tensions and brazes saw blades for both power and hand saws\ .

+ Provides advice and assistance to lower grade workers, as required\ .

+ Repairs a variety of common metal office furniture and equipment, to include, but not limited to desks, chairs and filing cabinets\ .

+ Disassembles worn or damaged items\. Replaces rollers, latches and hinges\ .

+ Removes damaged desk and tabletops\ .

+ Measures, cutsand installs replacement tops, to include those made of Formica\ .

+ Straightens bent or crooked arms and legs\. Refinishes hardwood tabletops\. Operates spray paint equipment to paint repaired items\ .

+ Occasionally may perform miscellaneous trade's duties as workload requires, such as:
carpet/linoleum laying, painting, plaster work;
countertop and tiles;
setting ceramic tile;
laying or resetting concrete blocks\ .

+ Accuracy, spacing, fit, and structural soundness and finished appearance are essential\ .

+ The work is performed in a shop and at the job site\. The work may involve standing for extended periods, considerable bending, kneeling, stooping and climbing on ladders/scaffolding and rooftops\. The work also requires strenuous physical exertion when handling heavy and bulky materials such as, plywood, framing members, and other building and construction materials\. The work may involve lifting and moving materials up to40 lbs, unassisted, and occasionally lifting or moving heavier items with the assistance of lifting devices or other workers\ .

+ The work may involve exposure to moderate or high noise levels from operating machinery, sawdust in the air, glue fumes, and hazards associated with woodworking and related power equipment\ (e\.G\. saws\)\.

+May be exposed to weather conditions and the hazards of working on and around scaffolds and ladders\ .

+ The work may subject incumbent to cuts, bruises, and contusions and may be performed in confined areas such as crawl spaces and attics which may be dusty and dirty\. Injuries may occur in lifting heavy pieces of lumber or equipment;
cuts and bruises in using hand tools and equipment;
more serious injuries in operating power tools\. Personal protective equipment such as protective clothing, helmets, goggles, respirators, etc\. is required to be worn\.


**Minimum Requirements:

+ High diploma or GED

+ Journeyman level knowledge and skill to independently construct, install, repair, and modify wood and wood substitute structures and items requiring close tolerance fit and structural soundness, such as, building frames, rafters, concrete forms, walls, staircases, and door and window frames\ .

+ Knowledge and skill in construction techniques and skill in the operation of general and precision carpentry and woodworking machinery and equipment\ (such as, such as routers, band and scroll saws, and drill presses\ );
and, skill to producefinished products with precise fits, accurate dimensions, and acceptable appearance\ .

+ Ability to perform the work accurately, considering spacing, fit, and structural soundness and finished appearance are essential\ .

+ Skill to interpret complex instructions, sketches, blueprints, and building codes;
and skill to measure and layout footings for structural foundations and construct concrete forms and related structures\ .

+ Skill in the use of advanced shop mathematics to plan, compute, and lay out more complex and exact projects with features such as arcs, tangents, and circles\ .

+ Ability to determine the proper grade, size, and type of lumber or wood substitute material required for the job\ .

+ Skill in operating and using power and hand tools and other woodworking equipment such as, portable drills, clippers, joiners, shavers, tenoners, sanders, routers, power activated nailers, combustion type saws, screw fasteners, drill presses, and table saws\ .

+ Ability to mill heavy lumber, cut bevels, rabbets, chamfers, grooves, and compound miter joints, and apply plastic laminates to wood and other surfaces on counter tops, desk tops, etc\ .

+ Valid state driver'slicense for the operation of any vehicle with a GVW rating of 26,000 lbs\. orless\.

+ Three\-year similarexperience

+ Good interpersonalskills and ability to work well in a team environment\ .

+ Ability to understandand have working knowledge of hazardous, safety, and environmental warnings\ .

+ General knowledge ofall maintenance and construction trades\ .

+ Must be able to climbladders scaffolds and walkways;
be able to complete assigned tasks in high orconfined spaces\ .

+ Excellent verbal and written communication skills\ .

The duties and responsibilities listed in this job description generally cover the nature and level of work being performed by individuals assigned to this position\. This is not intended to bea complete list of all duties, responsibilities, and skills required\ .Subject to the terms of an applicable collective bargaining agreement, the company management reserves the right to modify, add, or remove duties and to assign other duties as may be necessary\ .

_We are an equal opportunity employer\. All applicants will receiveconsideration for employment, without regard to race, color, religion, creed, national origin, gender or gender\ -identity, age, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status, disability, pregnancy or parental status, or any other basis prohibited by law\ ._

We are committed to Equal Employment Opportunity and providing reasonable accommodations to applicants with physical and/or mental disabilities\. If you have a physical and/or mental disability and are interested in applying for employment and need special accommodations to use our website to apply for a position please contact, Recruiting Services at job\ -assist@akima\.Com or 571\-353\ -7053\.

Reasonable accommodation requests are considered on a case\ -by\-case basis\.The dedicated email and telephonic options above are reserved only for individuals with disabilities needing accessibility assistance to apply to an open position using our website\ .

Please do not use the dedicated email or phone number above to inquire on the status of your job application\ .

_In order for our company to stay compliant with government regulations, please apply on line\. Please DO NOT email resumesor call in lieu of applying online unless you have a physical and/or mental disability and need assistance applying to the position via the online application\ ._

** Installation, Maintenance &

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** US\ -DC\-Washington

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